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IF Flightplan Tools

Take Flightplanning to the Next Level!


Edit Flightplans
Need a flightplan editing? You've come to the right place. With the editor you can add, remove, reorder, rename, relocate waypoints or even draw out your flightplan on a map.

Thats not even all the options aviable. Have you ever seen a cool chart that curves though a valley on its way down to the runway? Thats an RNP approach with RF legs, with the editor you are able to add those curves into Infinite Flight.
All you need to do is edit the waypoint where an RF leg starts, press "Arc to Next", select the entry heading (true) and the number of waypoints to be inserted. (1nm legs recommended). Then click "Add Arc" and hey presto you have a shiny RF leg that you can fly in infinite flight. Repeat for all the RF legs on the approach and you have one cool flight!

KML Convertor

Convert your KML files to FPL files
Found that perfect valley but worried you’ll get lost? Or want to draw a pretty picture in the virtual skies? Simply draw it out on google earth with path tool, export as a KML file then upload to the converter. You’ll receive a fpl file back in no time.

Now all you need to do is import into Infinite Flight and have fun

Flight Status

Check up on your flight progress
Away from your device? Want to quickly check how your flight is getting on? Just search for your flight and you’ll see your estimated time of arrival with time and distance to destination. You’ll also be able to see how much time you have before your TOD.

On compatible devices you’ll also be able to set notifications based on time or distance to either Destination or TOD

Note - Notifications currently require the webpage to be open (Might not work if it’s not the primary tab open)

Also included is a built in VNAV altitude calculator, so you can see where VNAV will have you at each waypoint on your descent. Change the flight plan alt to experiment and nail that descent.

Expert Status

See where is busy or what airports are open
Instead of being jam packed with features, this one is purposely kept simple so you can see the number of aircraft inbound to each airport and whether or not it is currently staffed by IFATC. If the airport is staffed you’ll see who is controlling what frequencies and for how long.

IF Infomation Map

A useful map showing regions, 3D and open airports
Ever wondered exactly where the borders of the IFATC regions are, or where the 3D airports are? Wonder no more, this map shows it all.
  • IFATC Region Boundaries
  • 3D Airports
  • Open Airports
  • Open 3D Airports
You can even search for an airport or download the KML or Geojson of the IFATC regions.
Each airport icon can be clicked on to show a pop up including
  • ICAO (IATA) Elevation
  • Airport name
  • IFATC region
  • Expert server inbound flights
  • Open IFATC frequencies and controllers